Medical Oxygen Generators

Produce oxygen on-site with our oxygen plant, which provides a high capacity flow with the required purity.

A reliable source of medical oxygen

Medical oxygen is an indispensable component of many fundamental medical procedures and therapies, as well as an important addition to many other therapies. It is one of the medications that medical institutions cannot do without. Cylinder oxygen is bulky, which makes transportation difficult and even dangerous. Oxygen in liquid form is both voluminous and has very limited storage life. As a result, many medical facilities have only limited access to oxygen or can only obtain it at a high cost. Even facilities with good and economical supply must assure they have oxygen available to see them through natural or man-made disasters. A solution for these inconveniences is to produce oxygen on-site using the Medical Oxygen Plant.

Medical Oxygen Generator System

A key element of the system is our PSA OGP MED Generator which separates the oxygen from ambient air and allows the facility to have a stand-alone oxygen production capability right on the facility site. All main components such as the compressors, dryers, filters and PSA generator, are manufactured in-house.

Exceptional Reliability

Typically consists of one or two independent oxygen generation lines, a bank of cylinders and a high pressure booster, offering a back-up supply in case an individual component fails. Standard installed oxygen analyzers continuously monitor the oxygen quality generated by the system providing peace of mind

Sophisticated Monitoring

Each generator is individually controlled and is equipped with an inlet dewpoint sensor, outlet flow meter and oxygen analyzer. All critical parameters are shown on the controller’s high resolution graphical display, allowing you detailed control over each OGP MED in your Medical Oxygen System

Compliant with Standards

The OGP MED Generators can produce oxygen compliant with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monograph for Oxygen 93 or the European Pharmacopeia (EurPh) monograph for Oxygen 93. Both standards were explicitly created to permit the use of PSA produced oxygen in medical applications.

By producing your own oxygen, you don’t need to rely anymore on third parties for your oxygen supply. For more deatils reach out to us .