EECP – a noninvasive procedure to Treat Coronary Artery Disease

EECP helps grow new collaterals for blood to flow, like a natural bypass around blocked arteries.

A noninvasive treatment for chronic, stable angina

For patients who have persistent angina symptoms and have exhausted the standard treatments without successful results, EECP may stimulate the openings or formation of small branches of blood vessels (collaterals) to create a natural bypass around narrowed or blocked arteries. EECP is a noninvasive treatment for people who have chronic, stable angina; who are not receiving adequate relief from angina by taking nitrate medications; and who do not qualify for a procedure such as bypass surgery, angioplasty or stenting

PSK-ECP/TI All-In-One ECP Therapy System

PSK ECP/TI is an All-In-One system which integrates an ergonomically designed patient bed with a high tech electro-mechanical system providing patient comfort and ease of use. It is designed to incorporate special features that assist in noise reduction and heat dissipation. The bed design, based on human engineering, enables patients to enjoy greater comfort during treatment. The modern design of the system provides an appearance of luxury.


Uses the latest computer, Modern control technique and software control system


Emergency stop button, high safety class


Automatic recognition of the R wave of ECG, machine stops when it detects poor ECG signal


Automatic treatment stop if heart rate goes out of rang

Product Features
  • All-in-One design saves floor space.
  • Uses the latest computer, modern control technique and software control system.
  • Designed to reduce noise and heat buildup.
  • Uses German air compressor Ergonomic design for patient comfort.
Regulatory and Quality Certifications
  • U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) cleared.
  • EC Certificate of Conformity (CE).
  • ISO 13485: 2003/IS0 13485: 2012.
  • KFDA cleared/Korea.
  • GOST R cleared/Russia
  • ARTGC(TGA) cleared/Australia.
  • INVIMA registered/Colombia